Zoning By-law


  • Places of Worship 
    Review of parking standards for places of worship. The study found that faith groups with newer facilities tend to be above average size and many locate in the traditional industrial areas of the City.
  • Places of Assembly 
    Review of parking standards for places of assembly including entertainment/amusement uses (such as theatres, cinemas, and bingo halls) and social/cultural uses (such as banquet halls, night clubs and convention centres).
  • Car Share Study 
    This study looked at the potential options and impacts of providing dedicated parking spaces for car share vehicles in multi-unit residential buildings on average car ownership rates.
  • Loading Standards Review 
    The study created a revised new set of city-wide standards for multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial land uses.
  • Parking Standards for Office-Restaurant-Retail Uses
    The study reviewed parking standards for Office-Restaurant-Retail uses.
  • Parking Standards Review – Phase Two Apartment Building/Multi-unit Block Developments Component
    This study reviewed parking standards for Condominium-Rental Apartments and Townhouses uses.
  • Parking and Loading Standards Review – Phase One 
    A comprehensive review and evaluation of the need, justification and approach for updating or consolidating existing parking and loading standards for the draft zoning by-law.