City initiatives

Public consultation on recommendations

Your feedback is important to us.  If you missed the first round of public consultations held in April 2016, please review the questions below discussed during the sessions and send us your thoughts by email.

Question #1
What are your thoughts, reactions, ideas and concerns about the five transformative ideas from the Task Force?  

1.    Transition to a new community-based non-profit housing corporation
2.    Create mixed-income communities
3.    Better buildings and more of them
4.    Decentralize Operations/ Strengthen Partnerships
5.    Reform the rent geared to income (RGI) System.

Question #2
Which ideas need more attention, work or research done?

Question #3
Which of the five transformative ideas would you like to see the City tackle first? Why?

Question #4
How do you want us to involve you, your community and neighbourhood in this review?  What kind of community engagement activities do you recommend?

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