Reports, Studies and Plans

Cycling Network Ten Year Plan

On June 9, 2016 Toronto City Council approved a Cycling Network Year Plan to Connect, Grow and Renew infrastructure for Toronto's cycling routes over the next ten years.

The Cycling Network Plan will serve as a comprehensive roadmap and workplan, outlining the City's planned investments in cycling infrastructure over 2016-2025.

The plan identifies opportunities for cycling infrastructure investments in every part of Toronto.  It includes recommendations for cycle tracks or bike lanes on fast, busy streets and recommendations for traffic calmed routes with cycling wayfinding on quiet streets.

The Cycling Network Plan also includes recommendations for new boulevard trails, adjacent to fast busy streets where cycling may be less comfortable in the roadway.  The Plan identified areas where tunnels or bridges may be studied to cross major barriers. 

Learn more about the Cycling Network Plan by reading the staff report to City Council.


Information on the 2001 Toronto Bike Plan along with network achievements since 2001

Cycling Impact Analysis

A summary and maps of the eight areas of analysis used to recommend routes in the Cycle Network.

Project Types

Explanation of the four types of projects identified in the 10 Year Cycling Network Plan