Stormwater Management

Wet Weather Flow Master Plan

Toronto City Council adopted the Wet Weather Flow Master Plan (WWFMP) and a 25-Year Implementation Plan in 2003. The goal of the WWFMP is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the adverse impacts of wet weather flow, which is runoff generated when it rains or snows, to protect our environment improve the ecosystem health of the watersheds. The Plan was developed with the recognition that wet weather flow will be managed on a watershed basis accompanied by a hierarchy of solutions starting with “at source”, followed by “conveyance,” and concluding with “end-of-pipe.” What's it all about? Learn more here.

Review progress on the WWFMP in the 2017 Wet Weather Flow Master Plan Implementation Status Update

Components of the Plan

WWFMP - 25-year plan

Controlling the debris and pollution that enters our stormwater system is a daily operational commitment. Street sweeping, catchbasin cleaning and standard maintenance procedures are all part of the job. But our 25-Year Plan to help solve water pollution goes beyond that. Take a look at what we’re planning to do over the next 25 years to handle stormwater pollution due to wet weather flow.

Current Class Environmental Assessments

In order to fulfill infrastructure needs outlined in the Wet Weather Flow Master Plan, the City must first conduct a series of environmental assessments (EAs) to ensure each project meets Provincial requirements. View detailed reports from current and past EAs.