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Toronto Disc Golf Courses

If traditional golf isn't your thing, test your skills at the City's disc golf courses located at Centennial Park, E.T. Seton Park and the Toronto Island. Each course offers its own unique challenges and is fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are some tips and suggestions to make play more enjoyable:

  • A course requires no reservations
  • Admission to play is free but players must provide their own disc. 
  • Be aware of airborne discs while on the course
  • If a disc is lying on the grass, do not move it because it is most likely in play.

Toronto Disc Golf

Course Layout

Consisting of 18 holes, the disc golf course is a championship layout open to all players year round. The course has two tee pads per hole offering a challenge to the novice or the experienced player to choose from. Each hole has two metal basket targets adding variety and the appropriate challenge for both new and seasoned players.

Centennial Park Disc Golf Map
E.T. Seton Park Disc Golf Map
Toronto Island Disc Golf Map

About the Sport

Disc Golf is played like traditional golf except players use specifically made golf discs. There are no balls or clubs used. Players throw the disc the length of the hole for 'par' at an above ground target instead of a hole in the ground. There are different types of discs used for different throws, much like ball golfers use different clubs for different shots. Disc golf discs are smaller and heavier than the commercially produced discs and are not recommended for playing catch.

The object of the game is to 'drive' from a designated tee area and to continue to throw a golf disc towards the steel basket target in the fewest number of throws. Each player continues to play their disc from the place where the previous throw landed. Finally a successful 'putt' sends the disc into the target.

Disc Golf History and Popularity

The first course was created on the Toronto Island in 1980. The course also hosted the World Championship in 1987.

There are over 4,000 disc golf courses located in approximately 40 countries around the world.