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Former City Councillor Cesar A. Palacio

Ward 21 Davenport

Former City Councillor Cesar A. PalacioEducated at York University and George Brown College (Computer programming and System Analysist). Cesar Palacio started his involvement in Politics by co-ordinating Betty Disero's campaign that stunned skeptics by knocking off a political heavy weight incumbent back in 1985. Ever since he served as Executive Assistant to Toronto City Councillor Betty Disero in Ward 21.

On March 1st, 2000 Toronto City Council elected Cesar Palacio as Councillor, Toronto Davenport, Ward 21 to fill the vacancy left by former Councillor Dennis Fotinos.


  • Co-founded, co-ordinated, and promoted Ratepayers Associations and Police Community Partnerships within Ward-21.
  • Spearheaded proactive crime prevention initiatives in problematic areas, whereby maintenance programs had been the key to restoring affected neighbourhoods.
  • Through a "give and take" approach, successfully achieved peaceful resolutions on "neighbours" disputes.
  • Influenced policy changes on local issues.
  • Successfully represented hundreds of residents with assessment appeals; Workers Compensation Board (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board); Welfare Canada Income Security Pensions (Old Age, C.P.P., and Survivors Benefits); Employment Insurance cases; and Landlord and Tenants disputes.