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1100 Briar Hill Avenue Zoning By-law Amendment Application - 13 221087 NNY 15 OZ






What's New

A community consultation meeting was held on Tuesday 26th November, 2013 at Sts Cosmas and Damian School, 111 Danesbury Avenue.

preliminary report on the application was before North York Community Council for it's consideration on October 17, 2013.

Application Overview

This application proposes to amend both the former City of North York Zoning By-law No. 7625 and the former City of York Zoning By-law 1-83. The proposal is for 136 stacked, back-to-back townhouse units and 4 commercial units arranged on 5 blocks above an underground parking garage. The 4 commercial units and 3, 1-bedroom townhouse units will be located on one block in the Mixed Use Areas on Dufferin Street. The remaining 4 blocks, designated Neighbourhood Areas, will contain 133 townhouse units, 124 of which would be 2-bedroom and 9 of which would be 3-bedroom units. Access would be taken from Briar Hill Avenue, at the east end of the site, in approximately the same location as the existing driveway. There are 136 residential parking spaces, 21 visitor parking spaces and 4 retail parking spaces proposed to be located in an underground garage. Also proposed are 141 bicycle parking spaces (122 long term, 14 short term and 5 spaces service the retail uses). The proposed density is 1.77 FSI.

The site is currently vacant. The site was formerly occupied by Briar Hill Junior Public School. The school was demolished under application 2013 240687 DEM 00 DM. Additional site statistics can be found on the application data sheet on page 14 of the preliminary report.

Drawings and Reports

The following drawings and reports were submitted by the applicant for review by the City:


For information on rezoning applications and the process that City Planning staff use to review rezoning applications, view Building Toronto Together: A Development Guide.

Further information can also be found on the City Planning Division.

Planning Context


The site is currently subject to two zoning by-laws. The northerly portion of the site is zoned R5 under the former City of North York Zoning By-law No. 7625. The R5 zone permits detached dwellings and accessory buildings, home occupations, recreational uses such as parks and institutional uses such as schools. The southern portion of the site is zoned R2 under the former City of York Zoning By-law No. 1-83. The R2 zone permits detached, semi-detached and duplex dwelling houses, as well as accessory uses, parks, schools, place of worship and home occupations.

Official Plan

The Official Plan designates the westerly portion of the subject site as Mixed Use Areas. Mixed Use Areas are made up of a broad range of commercial, residential and institutional uses in single use or mixed use buildings. The objective of this designation is to allow residents to live, work and shop in the same area and to reduce dependency on private automobiles. This portion of Dufferin Street is an Avenue as set out on Map 2. Avenues are where reurbanization is expected and encouraged to occur to generate new housing and job opportunities while improving the look of the street, shopping opportunities, transit and the pedestrian environment. Avenue Studies will be conducted to set out a framework for future development

The remainder of the subject site is designated Neighbourhoods by the Official Plan which are considered to be physically stable areas made up of low scale residential development. Development within Neighbourhoods will be consistent with this objective and will reinforce and respect the existing physical character of buildings, streetscapes and open spaces. While Neighbourhoods are intended to be physically stable, they are not intended to be static. The Official Plan requires development within Neighbourhoods to generally "fit" the existing physical character. Section 4.1.9 of the Plan provides for the development of residential uses on properties that vary from the local pattern in Neighbourhoods in terms of lot size, configuration and orientation. Such development is to have heights, massing and scale appropriate for the site and compatible with nearby residential properties. Development on these sites is to provide adequate privacy, sunlight and sky views for residents of new and existing buildings by ensuring adequate distance and separation between building walls and using landscaping, planting and fencing to enhance privacy where needed.

The Official Plan contains policies which are intended to be applied in conjunction with the land use policies to determine conformity of any given proposal to the Plan. These policies include, among other matters built form and public realm. 

Community Consultation

A community consultation meeting was held on Tuesday 26th November, 2013 at Sts Cosmas and Damian School, 111 Danesbury Avenue.


The Briar Hill – Stayner Residents Community Steering Committee (BHSRCSC) submitted correspondence to City Planning to request that the above community consultation meeting be amended to include the following points:


preliminary report on the application was before North York Community Council for it's consideration on October 17, 2013. The report recommended that City Planning staff study conduct a community consultation meeting within 120m of the proposed development site and also include streets bounded by Hillmount Avenue to the north, Danesbury Avenue to the east and Roselawn Avenue to the south.