How to Get Involved With the City

Introductory Guides to Your City

How does the City work?

How are decisions made?

What is my role?

Answers to these important questions and more can be found in these introductory guides. Each topic is summarized for quick, informative reading with links to additional information. New topics will be added regularly.

Learning Guides

Your guide to... Accountability


An introductory guide to accountability at the City of Toronto, including the City's Accountability Officers.

Your guide to... Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

An introductory guide to affordable housing issues and programs in Toronto.

Your guide to... Planning

City Planning

An introductory guide to City Planning at the City of Toronto, including the planning process and the role of the public.

Your guide to... Decision-making


An introductory guide to decision-making processes at the City of Toronto, including where the City gets it powers and how Council operates.

Your guide to... Elections


An introductory guide to municipal elections and voting in Toronto.