Allan Gardens Conservatory

Permanent Collection

The Allan Gardens Conservatory consists of six greenhouses that showcase a varied permanent plant collection.

Two Tropical Houses feature a wide variety of interesting plants including orchids, bromeliads, begonia and gesneriads. They bloom year-round in the warm and humid environment.

The Cool Temperate House features plants requiring a cool, but frost-free environment. Camellias, Jasmine and plants from Australia and the Mediterranean are among the many plants on display.

The Palm House shelters a thriving collection of varied palms, bananas and tropical vines. Drifts of brilliantly coloured seasonal plants are a major part of this plant display under the historic Palm House dome.

The Tropical Landscape House offers a colourful mixture of lush exotics such as cycads, gingers, hibiscus and a green jade vine. Economically important plants including fruit trees are also featured.

The Arid House is home to a large display of unusual cacti and succulents including collections of agave, opuntia, haworthia and aloe.