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Accessible Pools

Accessible Pools

For many persons with disabilities, swimming is an opportunity to feel freedom through weightlessness. Increasingly, pools are being retrofitted as accessible pools (those with aquatic chairs and lift chairs).

  • Woman in an aquatic chair being assisted into the pool by lifeguard.Aquatic Chairs: Aquatic chairs are plastic waterproof chairs used to transfer people from the change room to the pool, and the pool to the change room. This prevents people from getting their own wheelchairs wet.
  • Lift Chairs: A lift chair is a mechanical device that transfers people from the deck to the swimming pool, and the swimming pool to the deck.

Warm Water Pools

A small number of our City pools are kept as designated “Warm Pools” those with temperatures of 88 degrees or above to accommodate those with muscular, circulatory or neurological impairments requiring warmer temperatures.

 LocationPhone #Pool TypeTemperature


Gus Ryder Pool and Health Club 394-8726 Warm Water 87 - 88 F
30 -31 C


Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre 395-7585 Therapeutic 100 - 102 F
38 -39 C


Agincourt Community Recreation Centre 396-8343 Warm Water 90 - 92 F
32 - 33 C
Birchmount Community Centre 396-4018 Warm Water 90 - 92 F
32 - 33 C


Mary McCormick Recreation Centre 392-0742 Warm Water 88 F / 31 C
Scadding Court Community Centre 392-0335 Warm Water 88 F / 31 C

Regent Park Aquatic Centre

Leisure Pool
Therapeutic Pool



Warm Water


86 F / 30 C
99 F / 37 C