Maintenance and Traffic Management


Turn Off Your Car’s Engine and Breathe Easier

Harmful contaminants are released into the air when you idle your vehicle. Recent studies have shown that contaminants from vehicle emissions are major contributors to deteriorating air quality in our city. By turning off your vehicle’s engine, you can do your part to help keep our air clean.

Reducing idling not only helps to improve air quality, it saves money, too. Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel than re-starting your engine. If your vehicle is left idling for 10 minutes a day, you would use up more than 100 litres of fuel in a year.

Improving air quality and saving money – that’s a combination you just can’t beat!

Here’s a couple of other tips:

  • It’s better to warm up your car by driving it rather than idling the engine. Warm up times are reduced by half and you’ll use less fuel.
  • Use remote car starters sparingly. The use of this item results in additional engine idling.

The City of Toronto has a by-law aimed at reducing unnecessary idling. It limits idling to no more than one (1) minute in a 60-minute period. For more details, see our website or call the City’s Permit Parking Office at 416-392-7873.

So, turn off your vehicle’s engine instead of idling.

Let’s all breathe easier.