Student Survey

Student Survey

Toronto Public Health (TPH) regularly assesses and reports on the health of the City's population. Youth are a particularly important group to monitor because the health and health behaviours of young people create a foundation for health throughout their lives. Until now, information on the health of Toronto's youth has been limited. 

To fill the gap, Toronto Public Health, with support from the Toronto school boards, conducted a school-based survey to help better understand the health and health behaviours of Toronto youth, from grades 7 to 12. 

Public health nurses and dental hygienists and assistants visited 466 classrooms at 165 schools during a seven-week period between January and March 2014. The sample size included from 6,053 Grade 7 to 12 students across Toronto's four public Boards.

The result is a comprehensive look at the health and well-being of Toronto's youth.

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