Union Station

Construction staging

Union Station's revitalization is a multi-year project, with substantial completion targeted for year-end 2018. 

Stage one

  • Completion of early works (demolition, abatement and other preparatory work)
  • Start of excavation ("dig down") under the York concourse, VIA concourse and part of the Bay concourse
  • Start of upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems
  • Start of restoration work on the exterior façade
  • Completion of loading dock
  • Completion of the Bay and York teamways within the viaduct structure
  • Completion of West Wing
  • Completion of VIA Panorama Lounge
  • Completion of two new bike stations
  • Completion of York concourse
  • Completion of lower retail level on west side
  • Completion of first part of North/West PATH across Front St.

Stage two

  • Continue with dig down under the Bay concourse
  • Continue with construction of the new Bay concourse
  • Construction of a retail level below the Bay concourse (part of the future Bay promenade)
  • Restoration of VIA concourse
  • Continuation of the restoration/repair of the exterior façade and initiate work within the Great Hall  
  • Restoration of Front St. West moat and York St. moat and installation of moat covers

Stage three

  • Renovation of the first floor of the East Wing
  • Multi-phased dig down below the East Wing for the completion of the Bay promenade retail level
  • Completion of the repair/restoration of the Great Hall
  • Complete the repair/restoration of the exterior facade
  • Reconstruction of the Front St. East moat and installation of a moat cover including removal of the steps down to the TTC
  • Restoration of Bay St. moat and installation of a moat cover
  • Completion of the NW Path to Wellington St.

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