Toronto Maps

Ventilation Index (in progress)

Environment and Energy Division

Lead: Christopher Morgan

Contributions: Nadia Jethoo, Sharon Seilman, Sean Severin

Materials: ArcGIS, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Building File, Address Points, Centreline

The Ventilation Index Project is based on building geometry. A designed Ventilation Equation is a ratio of built space to open space along major roads across the entire City. The result of this comparison shows areas of the city that have narrow open spaces known as Urban Canyons. Aside from the mathematics, the resulting Ventilation Map can be coupled with already known adverse effects due to Urban Canyons -- primarily ground level pollution and pedestrian comfort. Upon completion, the EED hopes to identify how the City's changing building profile may have growing adverse effects at ground level and how to mitigate and adapt to the rapidly growing City.

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