Public Consultations

Residents of Toronto are invited to participate in public consultation exercises which will help develop cycling projects and other cycling programs and services delivered by the City.

Public consultation meetings organized by City staff are an important part of the process used to design projects.  The City values the input of individuals and stakeholder groups who can provide local knowledge to City Staff.

If you would like to receive e-mail notification of public consultations on proposed bikeway projects and other elements of the Bike Plan, please sign up for the Cyclometer e-newsletter.

Public Works and Infrastructure Committee


When City Staff prepare Staff Reports about cycling projects, they are usually prepared for the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.  This Committee is made of 6 councillors.  The Committee considers the information provided and then will either Receive, Amend, Defer or Adopt a decision. 

When a report is adopted by the Committee, the decision will either be enacted by City staff, or added to the City Council Agenda, so that City Council may vote on the issue.  Whether an issue is voted on by City Council or managed by the Public Works Committee depends on the nature the project being discussed.   

You can learn more about this committee including the Committee Agenda, Minutes, and information about deputations to the Committee on the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee's website.


Archived Records from the Toronto Cycling Committee

The Toronto Cycling Committee was a Citizen's Advisory Committee. This Committee was not re-established for the current Council term (2010-2014).  Information about this committee is available on line for archival purposes.