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Court Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

See Codebook.

Court Services Division conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2013 using Fluid Survey.  The survey ran for a 6 week period commencing on Monday, September 23, 2013 and ended on Friday, October 31, 2013. 

The data set has been reviewed to ensure that the content does not:

  • Contravene the City's policies or applicable laws related to anti-discrimination, human rights or privacy;
  • Include information that identifies an individual other than one acting in an official capacity, nor any comments that are personal attacks on someone's character, personal or business affairs, etc.;
  • Address an issue before the courts or outside of the City's jurisdiction, or comments on another organization or private company;
  • Contain unsubstantiated rumours or potentially libellous statements;
  • Contain obscenities, derogatory, insulting, offensive, violent or hateful language;
  • Include any email addresses, attachments, or web links.
  • In cases where such comments are found, only the language that contradicts the policy is removed by staff — the remainder of the comments remains in the data set.


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