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Basement Flooding Protection Program

About the program

Toronto is experiencing more severe weather events, with higher rainfall levels occurring over a short amount of time, which increases pressure on the sewer and road drainage system. While the City's sewer system was designed to handle most storms, the sewer system can become overloaded during severe storms, leading to surface and basement flooding.

As a result, the City initiated the multi-year Basement Flooding Protection Program.  As part of the program the City  is undertaking Environmental Assessment studies in basement flooding priority study areas to investigate the causes of flooding and recommend solutions, including infrastructure improvements to reduce the risk of future basement and surface flooding.  

Once the Environmental Assessment studies are complete, construction of basement flooding protection projects begins. Construction has already started in a number of neighborhoods. Projects have included storm and/or sanitary sewer upgrades (e.g. additional or larger sewers), construction of wet and dry ponds and underground storage tanks, as well as other infrastructure improvements.

What is happening in my neighbourhood?

Visit the City's Construction Information webpage to find out about Basement Flooding Protection Construction in your neighbourhood.

Please review a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the project.

Project Stages

After an Environmental Assessment study has been completed for a priority study area, there are several stages of work that must be undertaken before a construction project is completed.  The stages include:

1) Preliminary Design
Preliminary engineering drawings are developed for review and input from City departments, utilities and regulatory authorities.  The input is incorporated in the overall design.

2) Detailed Design
Final detailed engineering drawings are developed and permits to proceed with the construction work are obtained.  Prior to construction, Public Notices are delivered door-to-door about two months in advance to let the community know that a construction project will soon be taking place.

3) Construction
Construction Notices are delivered door-to-door about two weeks in advance and road signage is placed in the community to provide residents with project details prior to the start of construction. Construction activities may include excavation of the roadway, sidewalks and/or boulevards, and may require protective fencing to be erected.

4) Restoration
Restoration within construction areas varies by project, and typically involves restoration of road surfaces, sidewalks, grass and tree plantings, etc.

Working with the community

The City of Toronto and its contractors are committed to communicating with local communities about basement flooding construction activities and anticipated disruptions in their neighbourhood.

The Basement Flooding Protection Program has a Field Ambassador who is dedicated to communicating with the local community and the on-site contractor, and responding to construction enquiries during the course of the project. You may spot the Field Ambassador on your street in a brightly coloured blue vest.

Contact information

Field Ambassador contact information is provided in the Construction Notice for the project. the Construction notices are available on the City's Construction Information webpage.

City of Toronto 

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Call 3 -1 -1  or Tty:   416 338 0889



Major Basement Flooding Construction Projects