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311 Service Request Codes

The "311 Service Request Codes" dataset complements the "Customer Initiated 311 Service Requests” dataset.

  • Division - A text field listing the City division under which the service request is listed. Example: Transportation Services
  • Section - Unit - A text field listing the City division section or unit under which the service request is listed. Example: Road Operations
  • Service Request Name - A text field listing the unique titles of individual service requests. Example: Sidewalk - Snow Clearing
  • Problem Code - A text field listing the unique problem codes of individual service requests. Example: CSROSWM-11
  • Internet Self Serve - A text field indicating that the service request is either (a) currently available online, or (b) projected to be rolled out in December 2010. Example: a) yes b) roll out Dec 2010


The dataset outlines the unique problem codes on customer initiated service requests received by 311 Toronto.

  • This data represents a small sample of overall City services.
    • All service requests represents only 25% of all contact with 311 and this data is a subset of this 25%.

    • This data represents service orders in only 5 of 45 divisions and not even all of the services requests in those 5 divisions ( in some cases only 40%).

  • be represThe number and location of service orders will not entative of the full range of services provided by the City.
  • Urban form and the types of service requests captured in the data will impact any geographic summary of results - for example some types of service requests (like curb side garbage collection) will be skewed towards those areas in the city that have mostly houses as opposed to apartments.
  • This data represents only one month (October 7th - November 7th) and there can be seasonal variations in some service order types.
  • The age of infrastructure in different parts of the City can influence results (for example water main breaks).
  • This data represents the ”initiation of a request for service” from the customer's perspective. However, during the request fulfillment process it could be determined that the customer's request may not be valid. For instance, a customer may request tree trimming, however during the fulfillment process it may be determined that the tree is on private property and therefore not the responsibility of the City.


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