Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities





Background Review


Review previous City Planning initiatives that provide input into this study including the 2013 Condominium Consultations and the 2014 Chief Planner's Roundtable on Planning Cities for Children.


Study Area Profiles


To better understand the existing housing stock and characteristics of households with children currently living in mid and high rise buildings, profiles of each study area have been created.


Case Studies


Lessons learned from examples of units, buildings and neighbourhood elements and programs that address the needs of families with children will be complied in a collection of case studies.




Public consultation activities will provide insight into the experiences of families with children currently living in high rise buildings in each study areas.  An online survey will determine the most important elements that make raising children in high density buildings easier. Interviews and workshops with industry stakeholders will be used to identify the design and market related challenges facing family friendly housing.



Summary Report


A summary of the feedback received at each of the public consultation activities will be complied in a summary report. The information received will inform work undertaken phase 2 and 3.


Identify Issues at

Each Scale



Work carried out in this phase will identify a list of issues and challenges related to the study's three scales that need to be addressed in phase 2.


Identify Design and

and Policy Options



Identification of design and policy solutions to address the issues in that emerged out of the phase 1 work.


Pop Up




The public consultation activities for this phase will be coordinated with planners in public spaces (PIPS) events throughout the City.


Preliminary Design




The design solutions and policy options will be further developed to provide a better understanding of the elements and programs make units and amenities in high-density buildings suitable for children and youth.  The solutions will form part of a handbook of performance standards and guidelines and policy options report to be produced in phase three.



Designs and Testing 



Design solutions will be tested and refined through the development of unit layouts and building designs that demonstrate the performance standards and guidelines. Building designs will test varying percentages of larger units to understand the implications on the built form.


Draft Guidelines

and Performance




Draft guidelines and performance standards to guide future development of vertical communities will be available for review and subject of the third phase of consultation.


Draft Handbook

and Policy Directions 



Phase three will culminate with a draft handbook detailing the guidelines and performance standards and policy directions to encourage family-friendly housing, neighbourhood programs and amenities in Toronto.