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2014 Toronto World Rankings

Toronto's RankingNumber of CitiesReportDescription
1 51 Focus on Tax KPMG ranks Toronto as world's most tax competitive major city. 
1 50 Resilient Cities Toronto was ranked the world's most resilient city by the Grosvenor Group.
1 25 Youthful Cities  Toronto voted most youthful city by young adults aged 15-29.
1 - Intelligent Community Forum Toronto was named the world's top intelligent community of 2014. 
3 24 Scorecard on Prosperity Toronto region ranks 3rd, up from 6th place in 2013's scorecard. 
3 70 Transit Score Toronto ranks 3rd of 70 cities in North America based on walkability. 
4 140 Liveability Rankings Toronto ranks in the top 10 most liveable cities according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.
4 30 Cities of Opportunity Toronto receives high ranking in 6th annual Cities of Opportunity by PwC.
5 48 Competitive Alternative Study Toronto ranked 5th in world and 3rd in North America as the world's most competitive city. 
8 189 Global Talent Survey Boston Consulting Group ranks Toronto 8th most popular destination for job-seekers. 
9 50 QS Best Student Cities Toronto in top 10 Best Student Cities.
10 58 World's Most Influential Cities Forbes Magazine ranks Toronto 10th most influential city. 
14 83 Global Financial Centres Index Toronto ranks well as a global financial centre.
15 50 Quality of Living Survey Toronto ranks 15th, for a second year in a row, in Mercer's Quality of Living Survey. 
20  400 Top World Universities Toronto is home to one of the top universities in the world, the University of Toronto. 

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