Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan Update September 2016

Update 7 | September 2016

The Facilities Master Plan is on schedule to be completed in
spring 2017

Development of the Facilities Master Plan involves six phases, with consultation throughout. We are currently completing a needs assessment and gap analysis that considers Toronto's demographics, the location, condition and use of existing facilities, other providers and recreation trends, along with the feedback from our first phase of public consultation. We have also started work on developing a financial strategy for the Facilities Master Plan.

timeline update 7 indicating the project has reached phase 4, Financing the Plan stage

A progress report will go to City Council's Executive Committee on September 22

This report gives a high level overview on the progress of the project to date, a summary of findings from the first phase of consultation, and outlines upcoming consultation activities for this fall.

The report also introduces three emerging directions for the Facilities Master Plan, which have been informed by the consultation findings to date:   

  1. Renew and upgrade existing facilities
  2. Address gaps and growth-related needs
  3. Work with others and explore new opportunities


View the Facilities Master Plan Progress Report.

More consultation is planned for fall 2016

This second phase of consultation will feature a variety of activities aimed at getting feedback that relates to the emerging directions listed above. Our goal is to continue to engage as many people as possible, and to ensure that we get feedback from a wide range of people and groups that represent Toronto's diverse communities.  Stay tuned for details in our next E-update and at