Toronto Green Standard

Tier 2 & Development Charge Refund: Application and Enrollment

Minto 775 King street West
The first project to achieve the Toronto Green Standard Tier 2 requirements is this two-tower, 17 storey condominium building developed by Minto Group at 775 King Street West.

The Tier 2 DC Refund program offers a partial development charge refund to projects that have demonstrated and achieved both Tier 1, mandatory, and Tier 2, voluntary, performance measures of the Toronto Green Standard (TGS). Certified Tier 2 development projects are recognized by the City of Toronto for their high achievements. To determine your eligibility to apply to the Tier 2, DC Refund program, please review the following;

  • Elegibility Criteria to ensure that your project is elegible to apply to enroll in ther Tier 2 DC Refund program
  • Toronto's Development Charges By-law and Tier 2, DC Refund capped rates (



Eligibility Criteria for the DC Refund

  • Site Plan Control applications received on or after May 1, 2009
  • Site Plan Approval has been issued and includes achievement of Tier 1, required Toronto Green Standard
  • An Application and Development Charge Estimate must be submitted to and accepted by Environmental Planning following the issuance of the Notice of Approval Conditions (NOAC) and prior to Site Plan Approval
  • Verification that all Tier 2 performance measures have been met must be conducted by a third party project evaluator, registered with the City of Toronto
  • A third party evaluator must have no conflict of interest in the development, whether direct or indirect, that could affect their ability to objectively review the project being verified
  • Third party project evaluators must be hired and retained by the owner at the sole expense of the owner by 50% construction documentation stage
  • The deadline for submission of the completed Verification Report is five (5) years from the date that DCs were payable to the City of Toronto. Reports received after that date are not eligible for a refund
  • The Verification Report must be completed and submitted to the satisfaction of the Chief Planner, Executive Director, City Planning

Site Plan Amendments

Applications for Site Plan Amendment may be required by City Planning in order to qualify applications to enroll in the Tier 2, DC Refund program. The current Toronto Green Standard requirements will apply. Regular site plan amendment fees will apply. Site Plan Amendment may be requested of the applicant to qualify the project for enrollment if:

  • Tier 2 was not identified in previous approved site plan submissions
  • The approved application did not meet one or more of the eligibility criteria above

Tier 2 Requirements
Completion of Tier 2 involves meeting all of the performance measures found in the following five "Core" development features/categories listed below for all development types and by selecting three optional performance measures from any category:

Tier 2 Core Category

  1. Urban Heat Island Reduction: At-Grade
  2. Minimum Energy Performance
  3. Systems Commissioning
  4. Water Efficiency
  5. Light Pollution


Use the TGS Checklist to identify and document your Tier 2 performance package.

Development Charges (DC) Refund Procedure

The City requires the achievement of Tier 1 of the TGS prior to enrolling projects into the Tier 2, DC Refund program. Demonstration of compliance is achieved through Site Plan Control applications on submitted plans, drawings and in reports, verified through the development review and inspection process, and secured through the site plan agreement. Tier 2 is verified prior to any refund on DCs being issued. Verification of Tier 2 is conducted by third party project evaluators that have been pre-registered with the City.

STEP 1:Pre-Application Consultation

Discuss your intent to pursue the Tier 2, DC Refund program during pre-application consultation with the community planner on the file; Contact to discuss the project.

STEP 2: TGS Documentation

Complete the TGS Checklist in full and submit it with the "complete" planning application indicating the intention to pursue Tier 2 and the DC Refund. Include details on the Tier 1 and 2 performance measures your project is targeting. Complete the TGS Statistics Template. Submit these documents with each planning submission, updating them as required. The Checklist is required as part of complete application. Ensure that plans, drawings and reports clearly demonstrate compliance with Tier 1. Discuss any technical challenges with Environmental Planning staff.

Note: If at any time during the Site Plan Control approvals process and prior to making an Application to enroll in the DC refund incentive program, the applicant decides not to pursue the refund, notification must be made in writing to Environmental Planning at; requesting that the project (SPA # and address) be withdrawn from the enrollment process. 

STEP 3: Apply to Enroll

Prior to the issuance of the Notice of Approval Conditions (NOAC), complete the Development Charge Refund Application Form and Estimate Form, and submit the forms to Environmental Planning for review and qualification to enroll in the program. Environmental Planning will issue written correspondence advising the applicant of enrollment.

STEP 4: Third Party Evaluation

Select and retain a third party registered consultant/evaluator from the Project Evaluator List by 50% construction drawings documentation stage. The Evaluator must have no conflict of interest in the development, whether direct or indirect, that could affect their ability to objectively review the project being verified. They will provide guidance to achieving Tier 2 and complete a two-stage verification review at the construction drawing stage and at Occupancy. They complete the City's Verification Report Template and submit the completed report to Environmental Planning within five (5) years of the date that DCs were payable to the City. The Tier 2 Verification report includes the third party reviewer's supplementary photos, plans, reports and declaration forms in support of Tier 2 compliance and recommends certification.

STEP 5: Issuance of a Refund

Environmental Planning reviews the Verification Report submission. Once all proof of compliance documentation is determined to be satisfactory and in good order, a request for refund is issued and processed and a refund cheque is awarded to the applicant for the successful achievement of Tier 2.

Registered Project Evaluators

This is an image of a technician at work.Tier 2 verification is the role of third party project evaluators, registered with the City of Toronto. Evaluators must declare no conflict of interest, whether direct or indirect, that could affect their ability to objectively review the project being verified.

The project evaluator must be retained on the project by 50% construction documentation stage. Verification is a two staged process that includes: a review of the construction drawings and specifications and a site inspection at occupancy stage. The Verification Report is submitted to the satisfaction of City Planning, preferably with 3 to 6 months of occupancy and within 5 years from the date that DCs were payable to the City. If the report is deemed satisfactory, the applicable development charge refund will be issued.

Tier 2 Project Evaluators List
Firm Name Contact Information
WSP Canada Inc.

Meaghan Kahnert

MCW Consultants Ltd.
Brian Tysoe
416-598-2920 ext. 519
Morrison Hershfield Ltd. Lauren Spudowski
EQ Building Performance Inc. Craig McIntyre

416-645-1186 ext. 1365

Verification Report Template
The Verification Report template is completed by the retained project evaluator following the headings and content guidelines and including the required declaration forms.

Download instructions for evaluators on how to complete and submit the Verification Report here.

The following Verification Report Template and Declaration Forms are provided to guide the contents of the Verification Report submitted to the City. Upon review of the report and supporting documentation, if the report is deemed satisfactory, City Planning will recommend the issuance of the development charge refund as applicable. Verification Reports and supporting documentation will be audited from time to time.

Note: This report template must be read and completed in conjunction with the applicable Standard, which includes specifications and definitions applicable to the development type being assessed, and with the applicable, completed TGS Checklist.