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Report your information required under the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw.

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ChemTRAC Data and Map

Visit this link to see information reported by businesses and to explore your neighbourhood.

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Annual Report

Explore the information contained in the 5th Annual Report, released May 2016.

What is ChemTRAC?

ChemTRAC is a program designed to increase public awareness of priority chemicals and reduce pollution from industrial and commercial sources. It can be divided into three main areas:

Image of two check lists clip art The Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw, which requires businesses to track and report their manufacturing, use and release of priority chemicals.


Image of a magnifier clip art  The analysis and release of chemical data of businesses. ChemTRAC's interactive map provides neighborhood-specific data.

 Image of a green leaf clip art The greening of Businesses through pollution prevention and innovation.

ChemTRAC Information for Businesses