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Pre-Authorized Utility Bill Payment Program

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With the City's Pre-Authorized Utility Bill Payment Program, you will have convenient and secure Utility Bill payments on time, every time.

How it Works

Once you are enrolled in the City of Toronto's Pre-Authorized Utility Payment (PUP) Program, your financial institution will automatically withdraw your Utility Bill payments on the due date. You receive a Utility Bill in the mail or electronically (if you have signed up for epost) for your records.

Who Can Enrol?

Property owners or agents designated to receive the Utility Bill by the property owner can enrol in the Pre-authorized Utility Payment (PUP) plan.

Please note: if the property owner is currently enrolled in our PUP plan and wishes to complete and submit a Designated Mailing Request to have an agent receive the utility bills from the City, the property owner's enrolment in the PUP program will automatically expire, when the approved Designate Mailing Request Form is entered in our records. This is done in order to send the bills to the requested designated agent for payment.

How to Sign Up

You must complete an application for each property you are applying for. This payment plan is not transferable to other properties.

Step 1: Pay the Utility Bill you have just received.

Step 2: Read the Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement and complete all required fields on the application form including signatures and the full date year, month and day (YYYY-MM-DD).

Step 3: Attach a void cheque or have your financial institution complete the account information section of the form with each application. Note: Line of credit accounts, credit card cheques or foreign funds cheques cannot be used for this program.

Step 4: Return completed applications to:

*City of Toronto
*Revenue Services
*Box 2510, Terminal A
*Toronto, ON M5W 1H2

Already enrolled in the Pre-Authorized Utility Payment (PUP) Program?

Changing Financial Institutions?

Be sure to send signed written notice and a new void cheque to the City at the address listed below at least 15 days before your next withdrawal date.

If you are changing your financial institution information, a new void cheque is required.  A form is available for changing financial institution information. You will receive written notice that your change of banking information request has been processed.

Please note that line of credit accounts, credit card cheques or foreign funds cheques cannot be used for pre-authorized payments.

Send written notice to:
Treasurer, City of Toronto
Box 2510, Terminal A
Toronto ON M5W 1H2
Fax: 416-696-4219*

*Please see Tips on Faxing

Cancelling Your Enrolment in the Program

You must immediately pay the outstanding balance in full to avoid missing the loss of discount.

You must also send signed written notice to the City at the address above, at least 15 days before your next withdrawal date in order to cancel your enrolment. You will receive written notice that you have been removed from the program.

form is available for cancelling your enrolment in the program.

This payment plan is not transferable to another property.


If your service is metered, you will need to call the City and arrange for a final meter reading. For all accounts, metered or other services, you must notify the City in writing to cancel your enrolment when moving.



If any of your pre-authorized payments do not clear through your financial institution, the City will charge you an administrative fee and you will lose your discount. You will also be automatically removed from the pre-authorized program.

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