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Data catalogue - Public safety

Use the catalog below to access the City of Toronto's datasets. Click on the name of a dataset to view additional information for that dataset. By accessing the data catalogue, you agree to the Open Data license.

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Ambulance Station Locations

This geographical file contains the locations of EMS ambulance stations within the City of Toronto. This dataset also contains the district offices and training centre location.

This information is used for reference and planning purposes.


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Fire Services Incident Data

This dataset provides information similar to what is sent to the Ontario Fire Marshal relating to all Incidents to which Toronto Fire responds.


Fire Station Locations

DGN  file contains City of Toronto fire station locations (XY coordinates ) and an Excel spreadsheet with same coordinates

DGN, Excel, ESRI Shapefile

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Heat Alerts and Extreme Heat Alerts

This database reflects the days between May 15 - September 30 in the current and previous years, when a heat or extreme heat alert has been issued for the City of Toronto.


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Paramedic Services Incident Data

This dataset provides information relating to all incidents to which Toronto Paramedic Services responds, including the general incident type, priority and number of units arrived at scene.  For privacy purposes data related to medical incidents does not provide personal information, and Major Street and Cross Street fields have been removed, with only the Forward Sortation Area being provided for general location purposes.


Police Boundaries

Shapefile of Toronto Police Divisional boundary polygons.

ESRI Shapefile

Police Facility Locations

A geographical point shape file that depicts the police facility locations.

ESRI Shapefile, WGS84

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School Locations – All Types

A geographical spatial file containing all of the address points of all of the schools within the City of Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile

Solid Waste In-Park Assets

Solid Waste Management Services assets inside parks, which are owned, serviced, or both, by SWMS.

ESRI Shapefile

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Taxicab Stand Locations

This dataset contains the locations of approved taxicab stands in Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile, Excel

Toronto Beaches Water Quality

The Beach Water Sampling Program for the City of Toronto is a co-operative effort between Toronto Public Health, Toronto Water, the Marine Police Unit, Parks and Recreation Department.


Traffic Signal Vehicle and Pedestrian Volumes

This dataset contains the most recent 8 hour vehicle and pedestrian volume counts collected at intersections where there are traffic signals.  The data is typically collected between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (with breaks).


Traffic Signals Tabular

This dataset contains all the locations of the traffic signals in the City of Toronto.


Transportation Division Bridge Data

The 'Structures' dataset shows the bridge locations as points in a shape file and records in a excel file. Each record in the datasets has the structure ID, Type and Class. Each record also has the location description, ownership and year of construction for the structure. With each record there are 2 sets of coordinates identifying the location in WGS'84 (lat.&long.) and NAD'27 datum, 1974 adjustment and projected in 3 degree MTM.

ESRI Shapefile

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Utility Cut Permits

Locations in the City of Toronto where Utility Companies have been granted permission to perform excavations within the public right of way to perform utility maintenance work.


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Waste Wizard Lookup table

This data set feeds Waste Wizard, an online waste sorting tool found on Solid Waste Management Service's homepage. It contains over 1500 waste items and provides information on how to properly handle and dispose of the item.


Watermain Breaks

This dataset is used to track watermain breaks within the City of Toronto boundaries.

Excel, ESRI Shapefile

Wellbeing Toronto - Safety

This dataset contains information relating to Safety (i.e. crime data) for the 140 neighbourhoods that make up the City of Toronto.


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