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Recreational Courses Historical Data

This dataset includes data on courses of recreational programs offered by the City of Toronto. There are various courses with certain number of classes running for each type of recreational program at multiple facilities over the city. Course is the most granular level of the data presented, and 'Course Barcode' is the unique identifier. Courses are classified by sections and run separately for different age groups (refer to 'SubSection' column). 'Location', 'Facility_District', 'Facility_Type', 'Postal_Code', and 'Ward' fields describe geographical location of a course, whether it is a community centre, a club, a pool, an institute, etc. Courses have age restrictions and certain capacity ('Max_Reg'), as well as a requirement for minimum number of registrants in order for a course to run ('Min_Reg'), Courses run on schedules – particular days of the week, - and possess time attributes such as 'Start Date', 'Start Hour', etc. Attendance of the recreational courses by public is tracked in 'Visits' field.

Thus, courses information you'll find in this dataset is the following:

  • Course_Barcode      
  • Program      
  • Course        
  • Section       
  • SubSection 
  • Location      
  • Facility_District        
  • Facility_Type           
  • Postal_Code
  • Ward           
  • Facility        
  • Min_Age      
  • Max_Age     
  • Min_Reg      
  • Max_Reg     
  • Number_of_Classes 
  • Days_of_the_Week  
  • Reg_Session           
  • Session_Year          
  • Course_Reg
  • Course_Waitlist        
  • Number_of_Weeks  
  • Course_Type           
  • Course_Hours          
  • StartYear     
  • StartMonth  
  • StartDay      
  • EndYear      
  • EndMonth   
  • EndDay       
  • StartHour     
  • StartMinute  
  • StartQuarter 
  • StartTime     
  • Visits

The source of the data is the City of Toronto Recreation Management System. Dataset has gone through necessary inter-divisional validation.

In this dataset, you will find historical data for the year of 2015.

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