Construction Projects

Finch Corridor Trail Project


Trail construction from Willowdale Avenue to Pineway Boulevard was completed Fall 2015.


Multi-use trails are facilities separated from the roadway and support a number of users - walkers, runners, cyclists, inline skaters, wheelchair users, people with baby strollers and people walking dogs.

The Finch Hydro Corridor between Kenneth Avenue to Pineway Blvd. is about 3 km in length, and is privately owned by Ontario Hydro.

This trail is one of a number of trail projects that are being considered around Toronto, to help make green spaces more accessible.  Improved accessibility can encourage people to participate in healthy activities, and make our City a better place to live.

The Finch Corridor has a number of opportunities to build trails in different sections. Constructing trails will foster opportunities to create a network up to 30 km in length.  Connections across the north of Toronto may also link with several new and existing multi-use trails and bike lanes, transit stations and community facilities. The new trail infrastructure will include trail amenities such as wayfinding signage and benches. The project will improve the pedestrian environment by providing safer road crossings.

Area Map

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Public Open House

On Tuesday June 12, 2012, a Public Open House was held at the Cummer Park Community Centre. The open house provided an overview of the project and an opportunity for people to comment on the proposed design for the trail.

Participants were invited to share their thoughts and ideas about the Hydro Corridor by placing stickie notes on a map of this project area. View comments on the map by clicking the stickie notes.  These comments, and comments received on comment forms and directly to staff have been summarized in the Public Meeting Public Consultation Report.