Bicycle Parking

What is a Bike Locker?

Bicycle lockers provide excellent, secure bicycle parking by improving protection from theft, vandalism and inclement weather. The lockers are designed to hold one bicycle each as well as bicycle gear such as panniers, locks, lights, etc.


Users will receive one key that will only open one locker. Each locker has a unique lock and key to provide maximum security.

Bicycle lockers have been installed at the following locations: 


New Location

Don Mills Subway Station

1800 Sheppard Av East: N-E corner of Don Mills and Sheppard

# of lockers: 4

Bayview Subway Station
550 Sheppard Avenue East

- North side of Sheppard Avenue just east of Bayview

# of lockers: 12

City Hall
100 Queen Street West

- Elizabeth Street entrance behind the building

# of lockers: 26

Downsview Subway Station
1035 Sheppard Avenue West

- outside the passenger drop-off and pick-up area

# of lockers: 30


Eglinton GO
2995 Eglinton Avenue East

- Next to the station house at the Kiss'n'Ride on the south side of Eglinton Avenue

# of lockers: 6

Etobicoke Civic Centre
2 Civic Centre Court

- located on the south side, before the outside ATM

# of lockers: 6

Exhibition Place
200 Manitoba Drive

- at the Exhibition GO Station

# of lockers: 6
Photo courtesy of Darren Stehr


Finch GO
5697 Yonge Street (Yonge and Bishop)

- Just north of the station house on the east side of Yonge Street

# of lockers: 12

Finch Subway Station
5714 Yonge Street

- outside the Yonge west subway entrance beside the passenger drop-off and pick-up area

# of lockers: 12

Guildwood GO Station
4105 Kingston Road

- just to the track side of the station house (off the parking lot)

# of lockers: 6

Kennedy Subway Station
2455 Eglinton Avenue East

- south side of the station, next to the elevator at the South Lot

# of lockers: 6

Long Branch GO Station
20 Brow Drive

- Lakeshore Road and Browns Line

# of lockers: 4

Metro Hall
55 John Street

- King Street entrance

# of lockers: 40

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)
252 Bloor Street West

Close to St George subway
-back of the building (north of Bloor) next to the ramp to the parking garage on Prince Arthur Avenue

# of lockers: 10


Rouge Hill GO
6251 Lawrence Avenue East

- on the north side of the tracks near the easternmost bike

# of lockers: 6


Scarborough Civic Centre
150 Borough Drive

- north side of Albert Campbell Square next to the picnic tables

# of lockers: 12


Scarborough GO Station
3615 St Clair Av East

- on the south side of the tracks next to the bike shelter

# of lockers: 6

St Lawrence Market
91 Front Street East

- on the east side of the South Market Building

# of lockers: 4

Toronto Island Ferry Docks
9 Queen's Quay

# of lockers: 20

University of Toronto Schools (UTS)
371 Bloor Street West

- south-east corner of Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue, behind building

# of lockers: 6


 Yorkdale Subway

256 Ranee Avenue

# of lockers: 2


North York Civic Centre

5100 Yonge Street

- South side of the Civic Centre, slightly west of Beecroft Road (near the Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre).

# of lockers: 6


More bicycle lockers will be installed in the near future. Please visit this website regularly for updates to locker locations.


How to Reserve a Locker


Fill out and submit the online application form indicating up to 3 location choices.

By mail:

Print the online application form and mail to:

Bicycle Locker Project
East York Civic Centre
850 Coxwell Avenue, 1st floor
Toronto, ON M4C 5R1

By fax:

Print the online application form and fax to:


(Sending personal information by fax is not a secure means of transmission. We recommend that you submit the completed form online or send it in regular mail.)


Your application will be processed and an auto-response email will be sent, confirming receipt of your application. If there is a wait list for your first choice, the e-mail will inform you of your place on the wait list. When your turn comes you will be notified and given ONE business day to confirm your interest in the locker offered. The locker will then be reserved for you until you can make an appointment at the Bicycle Station at Union Station to sign a contract, pay, and receive the key.

Online Application Form

Bicycle Locker Application Form

You will be contacted once your application form is received. If the locker you have requested is available you will be asked to bring photo ID to the Bicycle Station at Union Station (on York Street, just north of 25 York). You will be able to make a payment and pick up your locker key at this location.


Bicycle lockers are available for $10 (+ HST) per month for a minimum of 4 months.

Payment can be made at the Union Station Bicycle Station (credit card, debit card, cash, money order or certified cheque). Make cheques payable to the City of Toronto. Staff hours at the bicycle station are posted here: (Hours of Operation).To be certain, please call to make an appointment (416-338-3666).

Payment can also be made, by appointment only, at East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell Ave. (debit card, cash, money order or certified cheque). To make an appointment, please call 416-338-5076.

Waiting List

Lockers are available on a first come - first served basis. If there are no lockers available at the time of your request, your name will be added to a waiting list until a locker becomes available. Once a locker becomes available you will be contacted by the Bicycle Locker Program. You may request to have your name removed from the waiting list at any time.

Renewing Your Locker

Locker users have the opportunity to renew their locker agreements. All users will be sent an automatic renewal notice before their locker agreement expires. If you would like to renew your locker agreement, print and sign the renewal notice and bring it (along with payment) to the Bicycle Locker Project administrative office at East York Civic Centre (850 Coxwell Ave.), or to the Bicycle Station at Union Station (27 York St.).

If making a payment in-person, please call first to make an appointment:

East York Civic Centre: 416-392-2577 or 416-338-5076

Bicycle Station at Union Station: 416-338-3666

In-person payments can be made using cash, cheque, or debit card. Staff at the Bicycle Station can also accept credit card payments.

Renewals may also be mailed to EYCC, with either cheque or money order:

Bicycle Locker Project
East York Civic Centre
850 Coxwell Avenue, 1st floor
Toronto, ON M4C 5R1

All renewals must be completed before a locker agreement expires.


How to Use a Bike Locker

To find your locker: Look for the number on the locker door. This number will match the number on your key. Remember, each locker unit contains two lockers with a different door on each end.
Insert the key fully into the lock.
Turn the key and the lock mechanism will pop out to provide a handle.
Turn this handle to release the lock.
Open the door.

Insert your bicycle rear wheel first with the front end facing the door.

Follow these same steps in reverse to close and lock your locker and remove the key.

Make sure the lock handle has been pushed back into the locker to firmly secure the door.

If you have any problems operating a bicycle locker please contact the bicycle locker program (see below).

Locker Dimensions

The space inside of a locker is approximately 1.2m (4') high x 1.9m (6' 5") deep x 0.9m (3') wide at the door and narrows toward the back of the locker. Most standard bicycles will fit inside. Longer bicycles such as tandem bikes or some recumbent bikes will not fit into the lockers.

Contact Information

The Bicycle Locker program is managed by staff at the Toronto Bicycle Station at Union Station. For information, please call during staff hours, or email

Toronto Bicycle Station
27 York Street
Toronto, ON M5J 2V5

Phone: 416-338-3666
Fax: 416-338-3664


Our administrative office is located at East York Civic Centre.

Bicycle Locker Program
East York Civic Centre
850 Coxwell Ave, 1st floor
Toronto, ON M4C 5R1
Phone: 416-392-2577
Fax: 416-392-0071