Graffiti Management

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions related to Graffiti vandalism and home/business owners responsibilities. 

What do I do if I see graffiti vandalism on my property?

If you find graffiti on your property, it is your responsibility to clean it up. You can either do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you.

There are many qualified graffiti removal companies in the City and you are encouraged to obtain estimates or quotes for graffiti removal activities on your property from various companies. While the City does not support or endorse the work or pricing of any graffiti removal company, the City's contractor Goodbye Graffiti has agreed to provide a discount of 15% for their services to any City of Toronto home or business owner who receives a Notice of Violation from Municipal Licensing and Standards for graffiti vandalism on their private property.

Can I get rid of graffiti vandalism myself?

Yes. The most important step to take in order to keep graffiti off of your property is to be vigilant and remove graffiti as soon as possible. See our tips for preventing and removing graffiti. The faster graffiti is removed the less likely it will reoccur. The longer graffiti stays on your property the harder it becomes to remove and the more additional graffiti it attracts.

What I do if I see graffiti vandalism on another property in the City?

Call 311 to report the location of the graffiti or report it on line. City staff will have someone respond to the call. You can report anonymously if you wish.

What is the City doing to eliminate graffiti vandalism?

City staff will remove graffiti on City-owned buildings, overpasses, bridges and public parks. Staff will strive to remove any hate or gang-related graffiti within a 24-hour period and all other graffiti within a 72-hour period. Municipal Licensing and Standards Division staff will respond to graffiti complaints and take appropriate action in accordance with the new by-law.

Can I commission an artist to create graffiti art or a mural on my property?

Yes, murals and graffiti art are an effective way of deterring graffiti vandalism. The new Graffiti By-Law has been amended to reflect the new Graffiti Management Plan and to include exemptions for Graffiti art which is a legal and acceptable form of street art and is differentiated from "tagging" which is generally characterized by writing and with the act of vandalism. StreetARToronto has resources available to assist you.