City of Toronto

2013 Community Environment Days wrap up

The City of Toronto wrapped up its 2013 Community Environment Days season in early October. The program gives residents an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by dropping off items that are reusable, recyclable or hazardous. It also offers people the option to exchange broken green bins and kitchen containers and to learn about environmental programs. From April to July, the Community Environment Days program held 35 events and attracted a total of 18,696 participants. In the process, 117,370 kg of electronics and 232,185 kg of household hazardous waste were collected, 81,245 kg of reusable household goods and arts and crafts supplies were diverted from landfill, 430 kg of food donations were received, 137 composters were sold and more than 1,760,630 tonnes of compost were given away.

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