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Call Documents for the Purchase of Goods and Services

The Online Call Document System contains a list and summary of information about competitive call documents for the purchase of goods and various services for the City of Toronto Divisions and designated Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABC's); (e.g. Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Tenders, Request for Information, Request for an Expression of Interest, Request for Pre-Qualification and Offer to Purchase).

The calls are issued for the purchase of goods and services including professional services and construction services made on behalf of the City of Toronto Divisions and designated Agencies, Boards and Commissions (e.g. CNE, Toronto Atmospheric Fund).

  1. Commodity - Call category Construction Services, Goods & Services
  2. Commodity_Type - Call Subcategory e.g. Facilities renovations
  3. Call_Number - Number assigned to the call
  4. Type - Call type e.g. RFQ, RFP, Tender
  5. Short_Description - Name of Article
  6. Description - Full (paragraph) description of the call
  7. Link_to_Summary - Embedded link to the Call Summary on PMMD website
  8. Issue_Date - Date call was issued
  9. Closing_Date - Date call will close
  10. Notes - Addenda, Attachments or Cancelled
  11. Pre_Bid_Meeting - Date, location, time of scheduled onsite meeting
  12. Buyer - Name of buyer assigned to the call
  13. Buyer_Phone - Buyer office phone #
  14. Buyer_Email - Buyer office email address
  15. Client_Division - City Division originating the call
  16. Document_Fee - Cost to purchase the call document Fee and applicable taxes
  17. Security_Deposit - Security Deposit required Yes/No
  18. Buyer_Location - Buyer full office address
  19. Attached Files - Link to any attached files


The call document can be purchased up until noon of the day the call closes. Calls may be active from a minimum of 15 days or as long as 90 days. i.e. due to numerous addenda or due to lack of interest which may result in an extension of the closing date. The closing date can be extended if new or additional information needs to be provided to the vendor community about the call.

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