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Use the catalog below to access the City of Toronto's datasets. Click on the name of a dataset to view additional information for that dataset. By accessing the data catalogue, you agree to the Open Data license.

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Basement flooding by ward

Service requests by ward due to basement flooding and number of approved applications by ward for the City's Basement Flooding Subsidy Protection Program since 2013.


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Heritage Shoreline Evolution

A spatial geographical file that shows Toronto's historical shoreline development from 1818 to 1910.

ESRI Shapefile

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Toronto Beaches Water Quality

The Beach Water Sampling Program for the City of Toronto is a co-operative effort between Toronto Public Health, Toronto Water, the Marine Police Unit, Parks and Recreation Department.


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Water Billing by Ward

This dataset contains water billing data for the six former cities of the City of Toronto since 2000, extracted from the City's water billing system.


Watermain Breaks

This dataset is used to track watermain breaks within the City of Toronto boundaries.

Excel, ESRI Shapefile

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