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Toronto Child Care Funding Model

Toronto's new child care funding model was developed after extensive consultation with families, child care operators, child care experts, and other stakeholders, and was approved by Toronto City Council in June, 2015. It is designed to meet Toronto’s unique needs both now and in the future. For families, the new model aims to improve affordability and accessibility of child care, and ensure programs are of high quality. For child care operators, the model aims to make the funding more predictable and more fairly distributed.

Children's Services wishes to thank everyone for their input and involvement in the process of developing the new model. With your assistance, we have developed a way of funding child care that addresses the complex needs of Toronto’s child care system and allows for its continued growth.

What's New

ExpandFunding model visits with operators have now begun

Starting in August, 2016, the City's Funding Model Consultants have begun meeting with operators who will have a funding change in 2017 as a result of the new funding model. The Consultants are contacting the board of directors/operator to schedule the meeting before the release of the 2017 online budget.  The meetings will be an opportunity to confirm the new funding levels, discuss the guidelines of the new funding model, and introduce a number of tools and resources intended to help Operators set reasonable salaries and reasonable fees.  Operators who will have a funding increase will need to provide the City with an implementation plan for the new funding and include the additional revenue/expenses in their 2017 budget.

ExpandDid you know... how we are helping Toronto families?

Whether or not you receive a child care subsidy, City of Toronto Children's Services is likely involved in your child's licensed care. We are working hard to help Toronto families like yours by: helping to keep child care fees affordable by providing funding to licensed child care providers; offering incentives to child care operators to open more programs for infants and toddlers; and by monitoring and rating funded child care centres for quality. Find out how.

Understanding the Funding Model

Learn more about why a new funding model was needed and what it means for you and for child care in Toronto.

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Implementing the Funding Model

Extensive planning and preparation for the implementation of the funding model will take place in 2015 and 2016. Implementation will occur from 2016 to 2018. Toronto Children's Services will work with community partners to ensure that they are prepared for its implementation.

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Development of the Funding Model

The funding model was created together with families, child care operators, experts and other community partners over a two-year period.

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