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Municipal Licensing and Standards - Business Licences and Permits

Category - Type of licence or permit 

Licence No - Number of licence issued by City of Toronto 

Operating Name - Name that company operates under 

Issued - Date of issue of licence/permit 

Client Name - Name that the licence is issued to 

Business Phone - Client Business Phone Number 

Business Phone Ext. - Client Business Phone Extension Number 

Licence Address Line 1 - First line of client's business address 

Licence Address Line 2 - Client address town and province 

Licence Address Line 3 - Client address postal code 

Conditions - Restriction on the licence/permit as recorded in the licensing system 

Free Form Conditions Line 1 - Restriction/comment on the licence/permit 

Free Form Conditions Line 2 - Continuation of line 1 

Plate No. - Licence identifying plate, issued to most vehicles

Endorsements - Activity permitted under the licence

Cancel Date - Date the license or permit was cancelled.


Some businesses in Toronto require a business licence. Municipal Licensing & Standards (ML&S) issues licences to various types of businesses and trades, as well as some mobile businesses in the City. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.


Dataset does not include licences/permits for personal licensees such as burlesque entertainer, holistic practitioners, taxi cab drivers.

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