Toronto Green Standard

105 George Street


This Toronto Green Standard Tier 2 building includes:

Heat-Island Effect Reduction
High-albedo unit pavers were installed throughout the courtyard area to minimize heat absorption during summer and reduce the urban heat-island effect.

A variety of native plant species were selected for the property. Sugar Maple, Eastern Redbud, and Ironwood trees were planted. Shrubs such as Grey Dogwood, Alpine Currant, and Nannyberry were also chosen to add greenery and promote biodiversity.

High Efficiency Irrigation
50% water use savings for irrigation
Rainwater runoff is collected from the rooftop and courtyard areas and is directed to a storage tank located within the underground parking garage. Captured rainwater is then distributed to the plants in the courtyard via a drip irrigation system that is equipped with an automated control switch that regulates the amount of rainwater used for irrigation.

Water Efficient Fixtures and Fittings
31% better than OBC standards
Low-flow plumbing fixtures were installed throughout the building to reduce potable water consumption by 31% compared to a building with conventional plumbing fixtures. These fixtures help save over 5 million litres of water annually.

Construction Waste Diversion
87% Diverted
The construction team successfully diverted 87% of all construction waste from landfill. A total of 780 metric tonnes of waste was recycled. 


In-Suite Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)
In-suite ERVs continuously deliver fresh outdoor air directly into each suite while exhausting stale air. ERVs recover up to 60% of the energy of the exhaust air leaving the suite, which means less energy is needed to heat or cool incoming air.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy efficient lights were selected for installation throughout the building.

ENERGY STAR® Appliances
ENERGY STAR® refrigerators, dishwashers and front-loading washing machines are provided in each suite. ENERGY STAR® rated appliances consume 30% less energy than conventional appliances.

High-Performance Windows
Energy efficient windows improve insulation and help reduce the cooling peak demand during summer.