Cummer Lodge

Picture of Cummer Lodge Long-Term Care Home

Welcome to Cummer Lodge, home to a thriving and active community. This 391-bed home is beautifully surrounded by 4.5 acres of landscaped property overlooking a wooded ravine.

At Cummer Lodge, we believe that living involves more than merely sustaining life. Quality of life means considering each resident's self-esteem, rights, dignity and individuality, including previous lifestyle, value systems, strengths, needs and desires.

As well as providing excellent physical care, the home offers opportunities to socialize, learn new skills, develop new interests and stay active.

Cummer Lodge is committed to creating a multicultural community. We believe in recognizing and advocating for the right of each resident to have their religious beliefs, cultural, or lifestyle preferences respected, regardless cognitive and physical limitations.

We offer a wide range of cultural programs and our Coordinator of Spiritual and Religious Care ensures residents' needs are met through community partnerships.

Residents' needs come first

At Cummer Lodge, we recognize that each resident has unique needs and should be involved in decisions regarding his or her care. We believe in an inter-disciplinary and holistic approach in the care of each resident. Highly trained and dedicated staff consider the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each individual so that our residents can have the highest possible quality of life.

Each discipline, including nursing, medicine, nutrition, social work, occupational, physical and speech therapies, recreation and spiritual and religious care, is accountable for implementing individualized care, as well as for supporting resident programs. Cummer Lodge believes in the continuing and meaningful involvement of the resident and his or her family in providing resident care.

Cummer Lodge offers unique services such as Complementary Care, Art and Music therapies and has developed a reputation for our ability to manage residents with challenging behaviours in a caring and home-like environment. Three units in the home are set aside for residents with specialized behaviours.

Community connections

We value our partnerships with the community and work closely with local hospitals as well as faith-based groups including Jewish Family and Children Services. We receive education from the Alzheimer Society and Huntington's Society in addition to organizations like REENA who support our residents who are developmentally delayed.

Cummer Lodge also provides services to elderly people and their families in the community, through an Adult Day Centre and Short Stay programs.

Our residents are also supported by more than 300 volunteers – of all ages – who provide invaluable assistance.

If you are interested in taking a guided tour of our home, please call 416-392-9500.

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