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Pipes part of the the new Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system at Union Station

Toronto Hydro gives top marks to Union Station Revitalization Project

(September 2016) - Toronto Hydro has awarded the City of Toronto's Union Station Revitalization Project close to $1 million in incentives through the Save on Energy Retrofit program for the project's investment in energy-saving technology.  As part of the Union Station Revitalization Project, several chillers that previously cooled the station were removed and replaced with Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling system.

Read the news release for details: http://bit.ly/2clB45k


Food retailers available at Union Station

(September 2016) - The City of Toronto and its retail partner, Toronto Union, are working diligently to bring a variety of food choices to Union Station. Here is a list of the retailers available to date and what's opening soon.

Past News

Past news

Read past news related to the Union Station Revitalization project.