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Employment Lands Review

After a year of public consultation and reports to Committee and Council, Council adopted Official Plan Amendment 231 on December 18, 2013 which contain new economic policies and new policies and designations for Employment Areas.  The key directions of the new policies are to:

  • Promote office space on rapid transit
  • Preserve the City's Employment Areas for business and economic activities
  • Accommodate the growth of the retail and institutional sectors to serve the growing population of the City and the Region.

Official Plan Amendment 231 may be viewed under the 'Policies' tab on this page.  Official Plan Amendment 231 was approved, with minor modifications, by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on July 29, 2014.  The Minister's decision may be viewed under the 'documents' tab on this page. Over 178 appeals of the Minister's decision were received and forwarded to the Ontario Municipal Board.  The appeal letters can be viewed at

The Ontario Municipal Board Hearing (Case Number PL140860) is ongoing.  The OMB case details, along with OMB decisions can be accessed here.


Summary of Public Consultation

City of Toronto Official Plan 5-Year Review/Municipal Comprehensive Review, Economic Health and Employment Policies – Consultation Summary Report March 2013