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Marriage Requirements

Review these requirements before you apply for a marriage licence. You can obtain a marriage licence at Registry Services which can be used anywhere in Ontario. The licence must be used within three months of the date of issue.


What You Need to Know

Age minimum

You must be at least 16 years old to get married in Ontario.

Under 18 years old: you will need written consent from your parents or legal guardians. You can obtain consent forms at Registry Services.

Divorced in Canada

You must submit official proof of the divorce when you apply for a marriage licence. This can be the original or a court-certified copy of a:

  • Final decree
  • Certificate of divorce

A certified copy of either of the above divorce documents may be obtained from the court office that granted the divorce. A Decree Nisi, Divorce Order or Judgement is not acceptable.

All documents will be returned.

Divorced Outside of Canada

If you were divorced outside of Canada you must:


Each partner must submit 2 pieces of acceptable identification (ID):

  • Identification must be VALID and ORIGINAL
  • Identification must provide legal name and date of birth
  • The name on both pieces of your ID must be the same
  • The first name and last names must match on the two pieces of ID you are presenting. To have your middle name included on your marriage licence it must also appear on both pieces of ID
  • If your ID is not in English, a written translation from a certified translator is required

     Acceptable VALID and ORIGINAL identification:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport
    • Driver's Licence
    • Ontario Photo Card (not Ontario Health Card)
    • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Citizenship Card)
    • Canadian Government Refugee Travel Document
    • Conditional Release Identification Card
    • United States Green Card
    • Native Status Card
    • Record of Immigration Landing
    • Confirmation of Permanent Residency
    • Permanent Residency Card
    • Citizenship Card from any country
    • Identity Card from any country
    • Nexus Card
    • Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)
    • Possession & Acquisition Licence (PAL)

     NOT accepted as identification:

    • Ontario Health Card
    • Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card


If you cannot read or understand English, you must bring your own interpreter.

The interpreter must present their own identification.

Other Information

There are no gender, residency, citizenship or medical requirements for obtaining a marriage licence.

More Information

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How to Apply for a Marriage Licence

Find out everything you need to know about how to apply for a marriage licence.


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