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Getting outside is believed to reduce stress, improve health and boost your mood. If you're looking to relax, get some exercise or just simply get outside, the City offers a broad range of outdoor leisure and recreation opportunities.

Parks and Trails

Parks and trails provide affordable and enjoyable places to be active or passive. With over 1,600 parks and 600 km of trails, the City of Toronto has a lot to explore. Visit the City's parks and trails to relax, get some exercise, experience nature or connect with others.


Each of Toronto's parks is unique with different features and characteristics. Along with providing great open spaces, some also feature zoos open year-round, dog off-leash areas, beaches, and disc golf courses. Use the Parks Locator Map to locate the parks nearest you.

Trails & Discovery Walks

The City's 600 km's of trails include waterfront trails, forest trails and trails that wind through wildflower meadows and natural areas. Self-guided Discovery Walks connect Toronto’s ravines, parks, beaches and neighbourhoods. Along the way, stop at the discovery walk signs to learn about the area's heritage and environment. Herons, hawks, deer, rabbits, muskrats and butterflies are just some of the wildlife that you can discover when walking Toronto's trails.


The City of Toronto has five great golf courses each offering a unique experience and benefit for players of every skill level. Enjoy special 60 plus rates.

Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands provide a refreshing escape from downtown and offer activities that 60 plus adults can enjoy.

Gardens and Urban Agriculture

The City has a variety of beautiful gardens to explore. Gardens and natural areas are ideal for horticulture therapy – an alternative treatment that supports healing and happiness using nature. Learn more about the City's gardens and conservatories, community gardens and allotment gardens.


Toronto boasts an impressive diversity of birds and bird habitats, with approximately 400 different species of birds spotted here. Find out where the top spots in Toronto are to bird watch!

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