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Preliminary Zoning Review Programs

Apply for one of three Preliminary Zoning Review Programs to determine what requirements apply to your project before you make an application for a building permit.


Zoning Certificate

The Zoning Certificate Review is a detailed review of a proposal and is intended to determine zoning compliance and identify all other applicable law required for the issuance of a building permit.

Zoning Certificate Highlights

  • The Zoning Certificate Review is a flexible program not limited in the number of reviews.
  • Required to make a complete building permit application.
  • May be used for future building permit applications, Committee of Adjustment, Rezoning, and Site Plan applications.
  • Provides written confirmation that a proposal complies with all zoning and applicable law.
  • Written notices will be sent to you within specified time periods depending on the type of proposal.
  • Determines the Applicable Fees required to be paid prior to building permit issuance.
  • The Zoning Certificate Review fee of 25% of the building permit fee is credited to the future permit application.
  • Additional reviews resulting from a response to an Examiners Notice or the voluntary submission of new information to make minor alterations to a project will be subject to a non-refundable re-submission fee equal to 10% of the initial Zoning Certificate fee or the minimum additional hourly fee, whichever is greater, as per the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 441.


To apply for a Zoning Certificate please view the Requirements

Preliminary Project Review – Use Only Requirements

The Preliminary Project Review - Use Only is intended to provide an assessment of whether the following uses are permitted within a specific location, under the current applicable zoning bylaw:

  • Animal Care
  • Auto/Vehicle
  • Child Care
  • Commercial
  • Restaurant
  • Institutional
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical/Dental/Drugless Practitioner/Holistic
  • Parking Lot
  • Personal Services
  • Office


The response that an applicant receives under the "PPR – Use Only" program will clearly state that the review includes only an assessment as to whether the proposed use is a listed permitted use at the specific location, under the current applicable zoning bylaw.  The review will not include parking, loading, built form standards, or any other qualifications or conditions related to that use, such as site specific bylaws.

The PPR-"Use Only" program has been carefully put together, in order to provide an appropriate but limited alternative to customers and is meant to serve as a very general type of response only.

Where an applicant is seeking a full zoning review they should apply for a Preliminary Project Review (PPR) or Zoning Certificate (ZZC) review with full plans.

Preliminary Project Review - Use Only Highlights

  • No plans required
  • Confirms Zoning compliance of proposed use


To apply for a Preliminary Project Review review the Requirements

Preliminary Project Review

Preliminary Project Review program is intended to provide a review of a proposed project before a building permit application is submitted. 

The purpose of the review is to ensure that the project complies with zoning and that other Municipal Applicable laws are identified. 

Preliminary Project Review Highlights

  • Specifically intended Committee of Adjustment, Sign Variances, business licenses application, and Right-of-Way permits, such as curb cuts and preliminary projects.
  • Confirms zoning compliance or details of noncompliance or areas where compliance could not be determined due to insufficient information.
  • Limited to only one submission and review. No additional submissions are allowed.


To apply for a Preliminary Project Review view the Requirements.

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