Social Development

Tower & Neighbourhood Revitalization Unit

In January 2015, Social Development, Finance and Administration restructured and created a new Tower and Neighbourhood Revitalization Unit with a greater focus on partner collaboration and implementation of Tower Renewal and Community Revitalization mandates.

Core Program Areas


Tower Renewal Program

Tower Renewal is now a permanent City program that will continue to drive broad environmental, social, economic, and cultural change by improving Toronto's concrete apartment towers and the neighbourhoods that surround them.

What's New?


New RAC Zoning

Residential Apartment Commercial (RAC) zoning allows small-scale non-residential uses on more than 400 apartment buildings sites that were previously residential-only.

Check here to learn more about the new RAC zone.


Hi-RIS (High-rise Retrofit Improvement Support) Program

Need to upgrade an apartment building? Financing is available! The City of Toronto Hi-RIS Program offers low-cost loans to help apartment building owners make energy-saving retrofits and upgrades to their buildings. A $10 million envelope is available for eligible properties. Learn more about Hi-RIS and access the Program application forms.


Recipe for Community

Recipe for Community is a Toronto Foundation and City of Toronto led initiative to engage neighbourhood residents young and old to improve the sense of belonging and safety in their communities. It's one way we're improving our city from the ground up, one neighbourhood at a time. The initiative brings together donors, sponsors and residents to invest in four key community "ingredients": food, convening, youth engagement, and neighbourhood beautification.


Tower Renewal Case Studies

Tower Renewal has a mandate to promote and facilitate continuous improvement in older hi-rise residential communities across Toronto. As part of this mandate, the first 4 in an ongoing series of Case Studies has been created to showcase successful practices in improving building performance, resident comfort and satisfaction, and community improvement by companies participating in the Tower Renewal STEP and Benchmark program.