Swimming & Pools

Safety & Supervision

To ensure that children have a safe and enjoyable swimming experience, the City of Toronto has implemented a wristband procedure. This system allows staff to identify children at greater risk of accidents and ensure adequate supervision when in the pool area. All children 9 years of age and under will be given an identifying wristband by the facility staff.

AgeAdmission RequirementsSupervision Requirement (Child:Caregiver)Additional Information
5 yrs & under Always
Pink Wrist Band
6 yrs Always accompanied* 4:1
Orange Wrist Band
Child may obtain a GREEN wristband (in addition to orange) to access deep end. To obtain GREEN wristband child must complete the facility swim test.
Child must still be accompanied* at all times.
7-9 yrs Accompanied* OR Pass facility swim test 4:1
Orange or Green Wrist Band
If child passes swim test, the ORANGE wristband is removed and replaced with a GREEN wristband, allowing child unsupervised access.
10 yrs+ No supervision required   Child will be required to do facility swim test and obtain a GREEN wristband to access deep end of pool.

*Accompanied: Must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or designate (caregiver) who is at least 14 years of age and is responsible for their direct supervision. Caregiver must be in bathing attire and within arm's reach of the child(ren) at all times, both in and out of the water.

Facility Swim Test

To successfully pass the facility swim test individuals must demonstrate comfort in water and be able to swim a minimum of 2 widths continuously in shallow water (distances will increase at larger facilities)

Shower Before Swimming

A thorough shower with soap before you enter the pool will help keep the water clean for your swimming enjoyment. We also ask that street shoes not be worn in the shower and deck areas.

Serious Medical Conditions

Those with serious medical conditions should be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable of their condition and responsible for their direct supervision. Your medical doctor should be consulted before swimming.

Admittance Requirements for Day Camps and Groups

  • Children who cannot pass the facility swim test must remain in the shallow end of the pool and remain directly supervised by their caregiver
  • Group caregivers must be reminded that they are entirely responsible for their group while in the facility. They must effectively supervise the group at all times
  • In addition, children 7 years or older, who can pass a facility swim test, must be accompanied and supervised in a 10:1 ratio
  • Caregivers not in the water must remain on deck and be visible to the group and aquatic staff to assist with supervision
  • Groups must make arrangements with the facility staff in advance of their arrival
  • All groups must sign-in with facility staff prior to entry each visit. The numbers of male and female, participants and caregivers must be clearly indicated
  • The wristband policy must be implemented and followed
  • Male and female caregivers must be available for appropriate supervision in respective change rooms
  • All camps/groups must enforce a buddy system for all participants
  • All camp/group staff must wear identifiable uniform or clothing

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