Property Taxes

Property Tax Bill Cycle 

The City issues two property tax bills per year - an Interim and a Final.

Tax BillingInstalment Due Dates (First Business Day of the Months Below)
Interim Property Tax Billing (Mailed in January)
Final Property Tax Billing (Mailed in May)

There are several types of Property Tax bills issued by the City of Toronto

Regular Instalment Bill

Each regular tax bill has 3 instalment due dates. If you receive a regular instalment bill, there are three instalments for the interim bill and three for the final bill.

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program Bills

This program authorizes your financial institution to automatically withdraw your property tax payments from your account and forward them to the City of Toronto on the withdrawal dates set for the 2-Instalment, 6-Instalment or the 11-Instalment Payment Plan.

Interim bills for this program are mailed in January while Final bills are mailed in May.

More information on the Pre-Authorized Property Tax Payment Program.

Mortgage Bills

If your financial institution pays your property tax on your behalf, the City sends information for your Interim and Final Property Tax Bills directly to your mortgage company or financial institution for payment of those bills. You will receive a copy of your Final Property Tax Bill for your records only.

If you receive a regular property tax bill and your mortgage company or financial institution is scheduled to pay your property taxes, please forward that bill to their attention.


If you are signed up with epost™ you may enrol to receive your Regular Instalment, Pre-Authorized Tax Payment (PTP) or Mortgage Bill electronically to your epost™ mailbox. epost™ will send a separate notification to the email address you registered when you signed up with E-post to notify you when your bill has arrived. You must pay your Regular Instalment Bill you received through epost™ electronically through online or telephone banking. If you receive a PTP or Mortgage bill through epost™ then the bills will be paid as described above for either the PTP or Mortgage program. More information.

Supplementary/Omitted Tax Bills

If you receive a Property Assessment Change Notice from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), the City will subsequently send you supplementary/omitted tax bills in addition to your interim and final tax bills. If you are enrolled in one of the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program Plans, you will need to pay your supplementary/omitted bills directly as they will not be deducted from your financial institution account.

Supplementary/omitted tax bills are due in two instalments. The instalment due dates will be noted on your bill.

More information on supplementary/omitted tax bills.