Business and trades licences

Street Food Vending

City Council approved changes to Toronto's street food vending regulations at its May 2015 meeting. The revised bylaw, Chapter 740 Street Vending, balances the City's need to manage the competing uses of the streets and sidewalks and improve public access to a diversity of street food across the city.  

All street food vendors wishing to operate in the City of Toronto, on either public or private property, require a valid business licence. Vendors wishing to operate on the City's streets or sidewalks also require a vending permit.

Vending on City Streets & Sidewalks

Vending on Private Property or in Commercial Parking Lots

What do I need to vend on private property or in commercial parking lots?

Vendors wishing to operate on private property or commercial parking lots require a City of Toronto business licence, but do not require a vending permit.  Vendors on private property or commerical parking lots require the permission of the property owner and operate in accordance with the zoning bylaw.  

View a list of licensed street level parking lots.

Vending at Special Events

Vending on City-Run Property (Parks & Squares)

What do I need to vend on City-run property?

Vendors wishing to operate in City of Toronto parks or squares require a City of Toronto business licence, as well as the permission of the City division which manages the properties. 

For City parks, go to the Parks Permit page.

For City squares, go to the Facilities page.