Series 12, Aerial Photographs of the Metropolitan Area, 1983

Series 12, 1957 Aerial photographs of the Metropolitan Toronto Area Series 12, 1957 Aerial photographs of the Metropolitan Toronto Area

Aerial photographs of Toronto - 1983 index map 1983-42e 1983-51e 1983-41f 1983-42f 1983-43f 1983-45f 1983-50f 1983-51f 1983-52f 1983-41g 1983-42g 1983-43g 1983-45g 1983-46g 1983-48g 1983-49g 1983-50g 1983-51g 1983-52g 1950-53g 1983-41h 1983-42h 1983-43h 1983-45h 1983-46h 1983-47h 1983-48h 1983-49h 1983-50h 1983-51h 1983-52h 1983-53h 1983-54h 1983-55h 1983-40j 1983-41j 1983-42j 1983-43j 1983-45j 1983-46j 1983-47j 1983-48j 1983-49j 1983-50j 1983-51j 1983-52j 1983-53j 1983-54j 1983-55j 1983-56j 1983-57j 1983-39k 1983-40k 1983-41k 1983-42k 1983-43k 1983-45k 1983-46k 1983-47k 1983-48k 1983-49k 1983-50k 1983-52k 1983-53k 1983-54k 1983-55k 1983-56k 1983-57k 1983-58k 1983-39l 1983-40l 1983-41l 1983-42l 1955-43l 1983-45l 1983-46l 1983-47l 1983-48l 1983-49l 1983-50l 1983-51l 1983-52l 1983-53l 1983-54l 1983-55l 1983-56l 1983-57l 1983-58l 1983-59l 1983-60l 1983-39m 1983-40m 1983-41m 1983-42m 1983-43m 1983-45m 1983-46m 1983-47m 1983-48m 1983-49m 1983-50m 1983-51m 1983-52m 1983-53m 1983-54m 1983-55m 1983-56m 1983-57m 1983-58m 1983-59m 1983-60m 1983-61m 1983-40n 1983-41n 1983-42n 1983-43n 1983-44n 1983-45n 1983-46n 1983-47n 1983-48n 1983-49n 1983-50n 1983-51n 1983-52n 1983-53n 1983-54n 1983-55n 1983-56n 1983-57n 1983-58n 1983-59n 1983-60n 1983-61n 1983-62n 1983-41p 1983-42p 1983-43p 1983-44p 1983-45p 1983-46p 1983-47p 1983-48p 1983-49p 1983-50p 1983-51p 1983-52p 1983-53p 1983-54p 1983-55p 1983-56p 1983-57p 1983-58p 1983-59p 1983-60p 1983-61p 1983-41q 1983-42q 1983-43q 1983-44q 1983-45q 1983-46q 1983-47q 1983-48q 1983-49q 1983-50q 1983-51q 1983-52q 1983-53q 1983-54q 1983-55q 1983-56q 1983-57q 1983-58q 1983-59q 1983-60q 1983-61q 1983-41r 1983-42r 1983-43r 1983-44r 1983-45r 1983-46r 1983-47r 1983-48r 1983-49r 1983-50r 1983-51r 1983-52r 1983-53r 1983-54r 1983-55r 1983-56r 1983-57r 1983-59r 1983-60r 1983-61r

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