Social Development

SDFA: Did you know?

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Did you know?

The Social Development, Finance and Administration Division...

  • Invested $20 million in funding to support over 622 community development projects and programs.
  • Managed an average of $1.75 billion in grants and subsidies in cost-shared programs.
  • Published over 500 data sets about neighbourhood well-being with information on population growth seniors, youth, income, crime, poverty and ethno-racial characteristics and built over 1,000 profiles about Toronto's neighbourhoods.
  • Provided community support to to help residents recover from 503 violent critical incidents, 298 shootings and 183 stabbings.
  • Held 9 employment opportunity events that helped connect 3,000 Youth to job opportunities.
  • Supported 459 youth employment and community engagement initiatives that engaged 40,387 residents, 18,352 non-youth and 22,035 youth.