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St. Clair Reservoir Rehabilitation

 Phase 1 Start Date:  July 25, 2016           
Full Project Completion Date:  Fall 2019


The City of Toronto will be carrying out waterproofing and structure rehabilitation work to the St. Clair Reservoir at Sir Winston Churchill Park.  These necessary upgrades will help to ensure the structural integrity of the reservoir, extend its service life and bring the infrastructure to a state of good repair.

News and Updates

Update: Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Please be advised that construction crews will be working on the St. Clair Reservoir Rehabilitation on Saturday, June 17th, Saturday, June 24th, and Saturday,  July 8th. Work on Saturdays will take place from 9am to 5pm. This extension of work beyond regular construction hours (Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm) is necessary due to recent inclement weather, which has delayed progress. Working on these dates will allow the crews to recuperate some time lost to rain delays.

This work will involve:

  • Exterior cleaning and waterproofing of the concrete roof (weather dependent)
  • Interior rehabilitation work of the west reservoir basin, which will not cause significant noise, disruption or dust. 

Update: Construction Phase 2, April 18th, 2017

Phase 2 Construction Notice (April 18, 2017)

Other Projects Nearby

Spadina Road Bridge

The City is also conducting a nearby project on Spadina Road Bridge over Nordheimer Ravine. For more information on this work, please refer to the latest public notice or visit the project webpage. Please contact project manager Sun Wai Lee with any questions at 416-392-8312 or

Transmission Watermain Relining on Macpherson Avenue, Boulton Drive, and Russell Hill Road

The City of Toronto is re-lining the transmission watermains on Macpherson Ave, Russell Hill Road and Boulton Drive. The City will also re-line a local watermain on Boulton Drive and replace Cityowned portion of water services if they are sub-standard. Please see the June 12, 2017 Construction Notice for more information, and contact field ambassador Alberino Scarpato with any questions: 

Phasing of Construction

Phase 1:  July 25, 2016 to Spring 2017

  • West basin closed for construction
  • Dog park, 6 tennis courts and playground will remain open

Phase 2:  Spring 2017 to Fall 2019

  • Entire park closed for construction


A more detailed summary of the construction phasing is available here

Public Open House - June 3, 2015

A Public Open House was held on June 3, 2015 for community members to learn more about this project, the construction schedule, and what disruptions to expect.  A copy of the display panels can be viewed below:

Preliminary Work

Preliminary site work was carried out at the St. Clair Reservoir to prepare for the upcoming construction.  Read the Construction Notices below.


Frequently Asked Questions

ExpandWhat is a reservoir and what does it do?

A reservoir is a structure used for storing water. The St. Clair Reservoir stores drinking water from Toronto's water treatment plants and is vital in managing water supply and demand, storage for fire protection as well as providing surge protection to reduce watermain breaks and service disruptions.

ExpandWhy is this work necessary?

The St. Clair Reservoir is 85 years old and requires upgrades to ensure the concrete structure is waterproof and structurally sound.  This work will extend the reservoir's service life and bring the infrastructure to a state of good repair.

ExpandWill Sir Winston Churchill Tennis Club remain open during construction?

Construction has been staged to allow the Sir Winston Churchill Tennis Club's courts to remain open through Summer 2016 and for a minimum of six (6) courts to remain open until the end of the 2016 playing season.  The City is working with the Sir Winston Churchill Tennis Club Executive to maximize court availability as well as locate alternate courts outside of the reservoir rehabilitation project area.  The Tennis Club Executive can provide input on membership during construction.

ExpandWill the dog park remain open?

Construction has been staged to allow the Dog Park to remain open during Phase 1.  Once construction starts in the Dog Park area, it will be out of commission until project completion in Fall 2019 when the park reopens to the public.  Dog off-leash area users are encouraged to visit other dog off-leash areas including:  Wychwood Barns, Hillcrest Park and Cedarvale Park.  Please check the City of Toronto website ''; Parks Forestry & Recreation for more information, such as dog park hours of operation and other site specific conditions of use.

ExpandWill any trees from the top of the reservoir be affected by this work?

All trees on top and some trees around the perimeter of the reservoir will be removed as part of the rehabilitation of the St. Clair Reservoir. The project team is working with an arborist, landscape architect and the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division to construct a plan for replacing as many trees as possible on site post-construction.

 There will be no permanent tree replacement planting on top of the St. Clair Reservoir in order to protect the reservoir's roof structure and membrane.

We expect only the top ±25% of the plantings to be excavated in these areas in order to expose the reservoir structure, after which we will reinstate the slope and replant with similar materials.

ExpandAre there plans to add a water feature and/or rubberized play surface for the reinstated playground?

The upcoming construction work is part of the 2015-2024 Capital Works Program and focuses on preserving the integrity of the reservoir, extending infrastructure service life, and bringing infrastructure to a state of good repair in order to continue to provide quality water services to the City of Toronto. Safety, quality and sustainability are our main objectives and any additional work is dependent on timing, funding, and City-wide priorities.

ExpandHow much truck traffic will there be? What route will the trucks take?

Trucks will be required to dispose of some of the soil from the top of the reservoir and bring new soil when the work is done.  All trucks will be required to follow a route from the reservoir to the disposal site that is designed to minimize disturbance on the local community and to the areas surrounding the St. Clair Reservoir.  The City will attempt to store as much soil on site as possible in an effort to reduce trucking.

ExpandWill it be noisy and dusty in the neighbourhood?

With any construction project, some dust and noise is inevitable. The contractor will be responsible for ensuring the work area is kept cleaned with weekly sweeping and wetting of the site and roads.  Every effort will be made to reduce inconveniences to the community.

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