Garbage & Recycling

Contract Status for Recycling Material

Contracts and Purchasing Process

The Purchasing & Materials Management Division (PMMD), have responsibility for the commitment of public funds for the acquisition of goods and services.

PMMD has developed a Vendor Registration System as part of the existing Online Call Document System. Vendors can register their information in the database in order to receive automatic notification of new business opportunities available on the document system.

Doing business with the City of Toronto

The City's by laws, policies and procedures are intended to ensure fair, open, accessible purchasing processes and to protect the integrity of the process by ensuring that all businesses have equal opportunity to do business with the City.

If a supplier wishes to approach the City with an unsolicited quotation or proposal, where no call has been issued, the Unsolicited Quotation or Proposal Policy (approved by City Council) must be followed.

Existing contracts

Solid Waste Management Services maintains an up to date list of all existing contracts for the management of all recyclable and organic materials delivered to the City's recycling plants and transfer stations.

MaterialCurrent Contract EndsNext posting of Offer to Purchase
Aluminum Cans September 30, 2017 Mid July 2017
Aluminum Foil June 30, 2018 Early April 2018
Aseptic/Polycoat Containers  August 31, 2018 Mid June 2018
Bulky Mixed Plastics May 31, 2018
Early March 2018
Ceramics December 31, 2017 Late September 2017
Corrugated Plastic Election Signs - To be determined
Drywall May 7, 2019 To be determined
Foam Polystyrene April 30, 2017 To be determined
HDPE  Bins May 31, 2018 Mid March 2018
HDPE Bottles January 8, 2018 Late October, 2017
Mattresses - To be determined
Mixed Broken Glass December 31, 2018 Mid October 2018
Mixed Rigid Plastics September 15, 2018 Mid June 2018
OCC Night Loads
March 14, 2018 Early January 2018
ONP, OCC and Mixed Paper April 30, 2020 To be determined
PET Bottles September 15, 2018 Late June 2018
Film Plastic August 31, 2019 Early June 2019
Steel Cans May 31, 2018 Mid March 2018
White Goods & Scrap Metal July 11, 2018 Late April 2018
Updated as of October 13, 2017