Street Art Gallery

Street art is art specifically developed for streets and public spaces. Over the past few decades, this art form has gone mainstream and become a global phenomenon. Cities around the world have come to recognize the enormous value of harnessing this artistic energy and providing an alternative to unwanted graffiti vandalism. In Toronto, many of our murals and graffiti art have become must-see destinations.

Toronto's Street Art Gallery is a map based listing of the City's murals and street art. It has been created with the purpose of supporting, celebrating and managing this dynamic asset and giving recognition to the artists and members of the public who created them. We recognize the ephemeral nature of street art and thus understand that many of the murals displayed in the gallery may change. If you are aware of any changes to the street art displayed in the gallery below, or can assist in providing more information, please email

The City acknowledges that the Gallery is not a complete listing of all street art in the City of Toronto. If you have commissioned a mural that you would like included in the gallery please provide details and photos to

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